Rogue™ is a very straight forward, easy to use, VSTi synthesizer. Designed to be smooth and round or harsh and cold (and everything in between.) Rogue™ makes a great addition to any electronic musician's sonic arsenal.

Rogue™ is comprised of 6 sections:
  1. Wave Controls - Select between Saw or Square waveforms. Pitch controls consist of octave, coarse, and fine controls. Unison, mix, and tone controls are also available.

  2. LFO Controls - This is just a standard LFO with various destinations. Rogue's™ LFO features a delay, that allows you to "fade-in" the LFO's effect.

  3. Lowpass Filter Controls - A standard low pass filter with resonance.

  4. Assignable Envelope Controls - The assignable envelope can be routed to nearly any of Rogue's™ other controls via its dual destination slots. It also features a unique "Step Mode" that creates varying levels of hard stepping through the envelope's range.

  5. MIDI/Modulation Controls - Allows you to enable the accent control and envelope retrigger, adjust the accent amount, set the bend range, glide time, and modulation amount/source/destination. Features dual destination slots and enable controls.

  6. Distortion/Master Controls - Rogue's™ unique distortion controls and final tone/volume controls.
VST plugin technology by Steinberg